Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

Loose fitting clothes and trainers are recommended whilst playing. It can get quite warm once you start moving around so you will probably be most comfortable in a T-Shirt and loose fitting trousers/shorts.

How Long Do Games Last?

Each visit players have to participate in a “safety briefing”, explaining the rules/risks and tactics for laser games. Games last 15 minutes but we allow “rest time” in between games and so 3 games for example will take between 1 and 1.5 hours.

How Do Games Work?

Our standard game consists of 3 teams of up to 8 battling it out with the highest scoring team being declared the winner. Points are scored by shooting an enemy team member and by shooting and destroying an enemy base. We do, however, have many other game modes on offer including a free-for-all game mode where it is just you versus the world that we will sometimes play to keep things interesting!

What If I Have a Medical Condition That May Affect My Ability to Play?

We do not recommend playing if you suffer from Epilepsy as there are flashing lights in the arena, we also recommend that Asthmatics or anyone sensitive to smoke machine smoke take caution when playing as there is a constant atmospheric smoke effect within the arena. If there are any other medical conditions you have that may affect your ability to play, please inform the marshals when asked during the relevant section of the safety briefing.

What Can I do In Between Games?

In between games you can relax in our cafe area which will serve both hot and cold drinks (including Slush) as well as cold snacks at first and later down the line once the kitchen is up and running we will be serving hot food such including "buckets" of chips, freshly-made pizza, hot dogs, burgers and nachos.

Is There Parking?

Yes, there is a car park for up to 50 cars plus off-road parking. We do share our car park with Kidz Planet Playcentre and so allow time extra time for parking if you are visiting at the weekend as it gets busy during certain times of the year.

What Food Options are Available?

At this present time we have not finished our new kitchen (completion by the end of Jan 2017), therefore, we are unable to provide hot food.

We are offering a cold buffet option for Christmas/large group bookings (min 15 players). Please email for details.

Do you Offer Group discounts for clubs etc?

We are offering a group discount at the moment of one free game for every group of ten or more playing.

Why is the Minimum Age 8 Years?

We have a recommended (not compulsory ) minimum age of 8 with a health & safety minimum height requirement of 1.2m. This is due to the body pack the players have to wear, the complexity of some games and the fact the arena is lit only by UV and has smoke effects.

There are two options available if your children are aged 8-10 years:

1) Come in and try the packs on your child and view the arena to decide if you think it is suitable .

2) We have a younger option in Kidz Planet that doesn't require the body pack and is suitable from 4 years (no height restriction).

Are you Open in the School Holidays?

Christmas 2016 we will be open extended hours … excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and NY Day. Future school holidays for the foreseeable future we will be open from 4pm.

Do you Run any Leagues?

In the New Year we will be looking into leagues and membership deals. If you would be interested in this please send your details to

I am an adult, am I going to feel like a child again and have such a great time?

Yes, definitely!!

If you have any other questions regarding your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.